Sell Half Sovereigns

The gold half sovereign was originally struck in 1817, the same year as the sovereign. It was circulated throughout Britain until 1926 when the coin was discontinued — the only exception being limited editions being issued for coronation years. Now over 200 years old, the half sovereign is not only valued much higher than its face value (50p), but they also have become very popular amongst coin collectors as well as when mounted into a gold ring.

If you’re someone who wants to sell half sovereigns, it’s always a good idea to know the facts. On this page, we’ll include information about half sovereign values, the different types of half sovereign, as well as the best way to get a reasonable price.

Half Sovereign Value

Rare Half Sovereign Coin on white backgroundUnlike modern coins, a half sovereign contains a fair amount of pure gold, and therefore makes it a valuable possession. While a half sovereign is, by name and nature, worth half as much as a full gold sovereign, this isn’t to say you can’t make a tidy sum by selling them — especially if you’re the owner of rare half sovereigns.

The face value of a half sovereign is 50p, but as an uncirculated coin, its value is determined by multiplying the pure gold content (3.99g) by the current value of gold — this is known as ‘bullion value’.

Using our Gold Value Calculator, you can check an estimated half sovereign value, as well as the value of any jewellery you want to sell. In this case, a full gold sovereign is worth around £101.49.

Types of Half Sovereign Items

While some people collect half sovereigns as an investment due to their gold content, others prefer to wear them as jewellery — most commonly in the form of a pendant or being mounted on a gold ring. The latter has been especially popular and maintained a unique sense of appeal throughout many eras and trends. It’s also worth noting that a half sovereign ring value could be a lot higher than the coin on its own, as the value of the ring/mount also needs to be considered.

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How to Sell Half Sovereigns for the Best Price

These days, there are many different ways to buy and sell unwanted jewellery, such as online marketplaces, to a High Street jewellers, or even local sales via social media. The problem with them all is that you’ll struggle to get a fair price and the entire process can be tiresome. To make sure you get a price that’s fair and accurate in regards to the items condition as well as current jewellery trends, your best option is to sell to an expert.

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