What Can I Send?

What can I send to Post My Gold?

I’ve decided to sell my gold, so what can I send you?

You can send your gold, platinum, palladium and silver with our safe, secure, and straightforward service.  We’ll give you cash for white, yellow, and rose gold of all carats.  You can also sell us platinum of any purity, even platinum without a modern hallmark. We take watches, gold teeth, anything that is solid gold or platinum.

Once you make the decision to sell your gold to us you’ll soon realise that your home is a goldmine!

The wedding set that you will never wear again, old rings, broken necklaces, bracelets that no longer fit — all these items can be converted into cash. It doesn’t matter if the jewellery is broken or tarnished, if we can weigh it, then you can sell it.

Is there anything that you don’t accept?

Unfortunately, we cannot take items that are gold plated, rolled gold, or filled gold so costume jewellery is usually not suitable. Where there are non-gold parts like watch mechanisms or stones then the weight of these will be deducted from the weight of the entire piece and you’ll get cash for the gold parts.

Once we’ve looked at your gold, we will contact you with an offer which you are under no obligation to accept. If you are unsure about an item, contact us with your questions or send it to us for evaluation. If we can’t buy your gold, then we will send it back to you completely free of charge.