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October 19, 2018
Selection of antique jewellery draped over a antique chest

Sell Antique Jewellery: Top 3 Places to Sell Online

If you’re looking to sell antique jewellery, it’s vital to find a solution that offers a decent financial return with as little hassle as possible. These […]
October 17, 2018
A pile of rare coins with miniature model black swan on top signifying rarity.

What Coins Are Valuable? Highest Value Coins Still in Circulation

Although most of the highest value coins are old and out of circulation, there are a few rare and valuable coins that could be sat in […]
September 13, 2018
Ebay app logo on phone screen

Why You Shouldn’t Sell a Gold Sovereign on eBay: Ask the Experts

eCommerce sites and online marketplaces have completely revolutionised the retail sector, making the lives and shopping experiences of customers easier than ever. But there are some […]
August 28, 2018
Three gold sovereign coins on a mahogany table

What Is the Price of Gold Sovereign to Sell in 2018?

Although gold sovereigns were once circulated as currency, today, they are a collectable item or purchased with resale in mind. So what is the current price […]
July 30, 2018
Gold price per gram chart

What Is the Current Gold Price Per Gram?

If you’ve ever tried to sell your gold jewellery — or gold in other forms such as collectable coins — you’ll know that it can be […]
July 29, 2018
Woman holding a pile of gold jewellery

Looking for Quick Ways to Make Money? Sell Your Gold!

Whether you’re trying to save for something special or just want to make paying the bills easier this month, finding quick ways to make money doesn’t […]
July 17, 2018
A stack of rare gold coins on a gold weighing scale

What’s the Best Way to Get an Accurate Coin Valuation?

When it comes to selling specialist items such as old gold coins, it can be tricky to establish precisely how much they’re worth. What’s more, if […]
July 12, 2018
A pile of old gold coins falling on to a white surface

Can You Make Much Money Selling Your Old Gold Coins?

Although it’s been quite some time since gold coins were in circulation, this in no way means that they’re worthless. In fact, old gold coins are […]
June 15, 2018
A variety of old jewellery which is broken and unused

Sell Gold Jewellery: Profit from Unwanted or Broken Belongings

Thanks to the introduction of the internet, selling old jewellery online has become a simple and ideal way to make some extra cash. A good example is […]
June 14, 2018
Three krugerrand coins on a table

How to Sell Gold Coins for Cash with Minimal Effort

If you happen to be a collector or someone who has inherited some rare coins, it’s worth knowing that there’s good money to be made by […]
May 9, 2018
Selection of expensive gold jewellery on a white table

How to Get the Best Gold and Silver Price When Selling Online

The internet has created an abundance of money-making opportunities, one of which is being able to sell jewellery and other unwanted belongings online with ease. This […]
March 13, 2018
Weighing scales with two gold rings in the foreground. Sell jewellery for cash.

Sell Jewellery for Cash: How to Spoil Yourself After a Divorce

Breaking up is hard to do — but if you sell old jewellery and focus on ways to make your life better, it can ease the […]
February 20, 2018
A pile of gold pieces on a wooden background. Post gold for cash amounts.

Cash Your Gold – How Much Gold is in These Items?

If you’re looking to post gold for cash, you’re probably interested in finding scrap gold and calculating its price per gram. For a bit of fun, […]
February 5, 2018
Beautiful gold necklace and bracelet

Selling Jewellery for Cash and Other Ways to Make Extra Pocket Money

If you’re still feeling the sting of the Christmas period, you’re likely looking for a way to make a few extra pennies on the side. From […]
February 1, 2018
Questions to ask before you sell gold sovereigns

5 Questions to Ask Before You Sell Gold Sovereigns

If you’re looking to sell your gold sovereigns, there are a few things you should know before you press ahead. We’ve listed the key points and […]
January 29, 2018
Gold jewellery on a dark background

How to Sell Gold Online for the Best Possible Price

Thanks to the internet and the ability to easily sell things online, it’s created a much simpler way to make money from unwanted items. In this […]
January 16, 2018
a pile of cash with jewellery in the background

New Year, New You: Earn Cash for Jewellery You No Longer Want

With 2017 behind us and a brand new year underway, it’s the perfect time for a fresh start. While some people choose to do so by […]
December 14, 2017
sell your gold onlline

Looking to Sell Second Hand Jewellery for Cash?

Thanks to the internet, we are now able to sell things quicker and easier than ever before. To sell jewellery online, you have a few different […]
December 7, 2017
sell jewellery online

Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Sell Jewellery Online

Tis the season to be jolly, but there’s nothing jolly about an empty bank account. Christmas is an expensive time of year, so making extra money […]
November 17, 2017
Sell Jewellery Online

Need Easy Money? How to Sell Jewellery Online Successfully

With Christmas right around the corner, now is the right time to make some easy money. One of the best ways to make extra money with […]
November 10, 2017
cash for gold

From Cash for Gold to User Testing: How to Make £50 in 1 Hour

Getting cash for gold and doing an online survey are just two ways you can make £50 in one hour or less! Making money quickly isn’t […]
June 29, 2017
Teacher in india bought with cash for gold

This Teacher in India Got Cash for Gold…Guess What She Bought?

Getting cash for gold is a great way to make some extra money. This school teacher in India did something unique with the money she received […]
June 29, 2017
Gold for cash -Woman having a gold facial

6 Unique Gold Items From Around the World

While gold jewellery and coins are common, there are a few uncommon gold items which can be found around the world. Selling gold for cash is […]
May 26, 2017
Used gold and euro bills

Selling Jewellery Tips: What is Spot Value?

Selling old jewellery is a great way to make some extra money — but how can you get the best deal? When selling jewellery, you want […]
May 15, 2017
British Cash

Where Can I Sell My Gold Sovereign?

Selling gold sovereign is a great way to pocket some extra money before payday. Sell gold sovereign online to get the best deal. Up until 1932, […]
April 26, 2017
sell your gold

Is It Safe to Post My Gold for Cash?

Posting your gold for cash is a great way to get some extra money — and the best part is, you can do it all in […]
April 17, 2017
selling your gold

Dreaming of New Jewellery? Why You Should Sell Old Jewellery First

If you’re desperate to buy some new jewellery but are running out of space, why not sell old jewellery for cash to invest in something sparkly […]
March 18, 2017
woman day dreaming of a holiday vacation while at work | Sell your jewellery at Post My Gold

Can’t Afford a Spring Break? Consider Selling Your Jewellery

The months following winter can be tough. Financial stresses, dark nights and dreary weather can all have an impact, so a trip away might just be […]
March 5, 2017
Krugerrand coins on a table - sell krugerrands

What Is a Krugerrand Coin? How to Sell Krugerrand Coins in the UK

If you’re looking to sell Krugerrand coins, you’ll want to know what they are and how much a Krugerrand is worth. Post My Gold, the UK’s […]
February 20, 2017
gold ingots

Even in a Crisis, Why Does Gold Always Hold Its Value?

With the British pound and the Mexican peso reacting badly to world politics, it’s worth asking why does gold hold its value  and remain such a […]
February 9, 2017
sell your unwanted jewellery

Bad Memories of Last Valentine’s? Sell Your Unwanted Jewellery

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. But it can also bring back […]
January 30, 2017
Broke? Sell your gold for cash

Sell Unwanted Gold to Avoid the Payday Struggle

No matter how much you try to save money and reduce your spending, most of us inevitably find ourselves counting down the days until payday. Selling […]
January 15, 2017

Selling Jewellery: Where Should I Sell My Old Jewellery Online?

The internet has completely transformed the way we buy and sell items. Even specialist items like jewellery have embraced eCommerce. But when it comes to selling […]
December 26, 2016
best price for your gold

How to Get the Best Price For your Gold

No-one wants to feel like they have been cheated when they sell their gold, so here are some tips to make sure you get the best […]
December 12, 2016
sell your old gold

Want to Sell Old Jewellery? Here Are 5 Great Reasons Why You Should

The price of gold has been steadily rising all year, making it an increasingly attractive option for people to sell old jewellery online. Making money may […]
October 3, 2016
fine gold 999.9

Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Sell Your Gold

Do you have unwanted or broken jewellery sitting unloved in a drawer at home? With recent events increasing the value of gold worldwide, now could be […]
September 29, 2016
a list of hallmarks for gold

Selling Your Unwanted Gold: What Are Hallmarks?

Ever wondered what those tiny letters and symbols on your gold are? Find out more about what hallmarks mean and how they can help you value […]