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What Coins Are Valuable? Highest Value Coins Still in Circulation

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Although most of the highest value coins are old and out of circulation, there are a few rare and valuable coins that could be sat in your wallet or down the back of your sofa — some which could earn you a small fortune! Discover what coins are valuable in 2018.

When it comes to valuable coins, most people will think of British Gold Sovereigns, Krugerrands, and other rare coins, but there’s also a variety of coins currently in circulation that can fetch a decent price. In the UK, there are several variations for each denomination, some of which are extremely rare and can be sold for substantially more than their face value — especially if you stumble upon a collector or coin enthusiast.

In this post, we highlight a few of the UK’s most valuable coins still in circulation.

Highest Value £2 Coins

Commonwealth £2 Coin: One of the rarest £2 coins in the UK was minted to commemorate the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Northern Ireland. Less than 500,000 were minted and they can be sold online for between £15 and £25.

Guy Fawkes “Typo” Coin: In 2005, the Royal Mint released a commemorative 50p for the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder plot. Unfortunately, if you take a closer look, you may have one of the many coins that have a typo — “Pemember, pemember the Fifth of November”. Although many people choose to keep these as a humorous keepsake, selling them online can fetch double or triple the face value.

Charles Dickens £2: These were minted in 2012 to celebrate the 200th birthday of one of Britain’s most famous authors, with one side of the coin featuring the titles of his most popular books. One of these coins can sell for £5 or more, if it’s in good condition.

Valuable 50p Coins

Olympic Swimmer: Before the design was changed, the original Olympic aquatic coin featured a swimmer with wavy lines covering the majority of one side. Just 600 of these coins were produced — a minuscule amount in the world of coin collecting — and, therefore, several of these coins have sold for around £800.

Peter Rabbit: One of the most unique and charming sets of coins in recent memory is the Beatrix Potter 50p coin collection. These were released to a limited number of attractions and National Trust properties, but the Royal Mint is yet to reveal precisely how many have been minted. Many retail online for between £5 and £20, although some sellers are attempting to try their luck and sell them for over £100. There are also special edition Beatrix Potter animal coins in colour still available from the Royal Mint for £55.

Pew Garden: The 50 pence piece featuring the Kew Gardens Pagoda is fairly rare, with only 210,000 minted, compared to the usual five million. These have a value of £30-£50 to a collector, but the most they have been sold for online is around £120.

Euro 50p: In 1992, a 50 pence piece featuring 12 stars representing the EC Single Market was minted, which can be sold for around £50-£55. It’s worth noting that these are the old, chunky-style 50 pence pieces, so you won’t find one amongst your everyday change.

Don’t Forget about the Lower Denominations

Silver 2p: A Poppy Appeal organiser was given a 2p coin that was assumed to be fake because it was silver. Interestingly, it turned out to be an extremely rare and valuable “minting error”, where a plain 10p coin was accidentally cast as a 2p. The Royal British Legion auctioned it off for more than £1,400.

“New Pence”: Every 2p coin minted before 1982 says “new pence”, while those after that date should say “two pence”. However, an early error meant that a few 2p coins minted after 1983 still read as “new pence”. If you have a coin dated after 1983 that is marked as a new pence, it can be sold for several hundred pounds.

Undated 20p’s: In 2008, the Royal Mint printed 250,000 20p coins without a date on them. While the coins are legal tender, so you could use it to buy twenty penny sweets, it would be a better idea to sell it online, where you could fetch upwards of £100.

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