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November 22, 2017
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December 14, 2017

Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Sell Jewellery Online

sell jewellery online

Tis the season to be jolly, but there’s nothing jolly about an empty bank account. Christmas is an expensive time of year, so making extra money wherever possible is crucial. That’s why now is the perfect time to sell jewellery online.

While the festive season is the most enjoyable time of the year, it’s also a period where presents need to be bought, events have to be attended, and there is so much food and drink to have. All of this requires a fair amount of money. So with that in mind, now is a better time than any to put some extra pounds in your pocket.

In this post, we’ll take a look a few of the reasons why Christmas is an ideal time to gather any unwanted gold rings, necklaces and other jewellery, and sell them online.

Sell Jewellery Online For An Easy Cash Return

With so much going on at Christmas, the last thing you want to be doing is spending too much time dealing with a lengthy sales process and waiting for a good offer and many sites will now offer an immediate price valuation for your gold item via a gold price calculator. This can often be the case if you decide to sell jewellery online via sites such as eBay, as you’re relying on the condition, style and price of your items to appeal to buyers.

With Post My Gold, there’s no need for auctions, price negotiations, or having to organise the safe delivery of your jewellery. All you have to do is fill in a contact form to receive a FREE Gold Pack, which includes a pre-paid, fully insured envelope. Upon receipt, our experts will value your items and we’ll get in touch with an offer that can’t be beaten. It couldn’t be simpler!

Make a Profit from Bad Memories

Although Christmas is the ‘festive’ season, a lot can happen throughout the year. Jewellery is commonly given as a present to show affection towards loved ones, romantic interests and anyone else you care about. If things happen to go wrong, a piece of jewellery is a constant reminder that you would be better off without, so why not make a profit from bad memories?

If you sell jewellery online, it means that any unwanted items — such as an old engagement ring that does nothing but attracts dust — can be taken off your hands in exchange for a decent profit. If you were hoping to start 2018 with a ‘new year, new me’ attitude, then selling these types of items is a good place to start.

Post My Gold is the perfect option to sell gold rings, necklaces, bracelets and any other pieces of jewellery you no longer have any need for. We even accept broken jewellery if the metal itself is still in relatively good condition.

Begin the New Year with Money in Your Pocket

Once Christmas has passed, you tend to find yourself asking questions like: ‘Why did I eat so much?’ ‘How did the last month go by so quickly?’ ‘Where did all my money go?’ The final question is the most common of all, with families spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds every Christmas and heading into the New Year on a tight budget.

Instead, why not sell your gold, silver and other precious metals to Post My Gold and start 2018 with some extra funds to work with? Doing so is a brilliant way to begin the year with a money-saving mindset and add to it over time so that you’ll be able to treat yourself and the family later on.

Clear Out Your Jewellery Box

If you are particularly fond of jewellery and have a collection of various items that have piled up over the years, there’s a good chance a fair few of them haven’t been worn in a while or are broken. With Christmas nearly here, it’s likely that you’ll receive a few pieces of jewellery as gifts, especially if you have already dropped the necessary hints.

Obviously, there will be a few things that you’ll want to keep hold of for special reasons, even if you no longer wear them, but anything that hasn’t been worn in a long time could be sold for a decent return.

Are you looking to make some last-minute money this Christmas? Or have some old jewellery to sell? Post My Gold can help. Request a FREE Gold Pack today for a pre-paid, fully insured envelope to send us your jewellery for a market-leading price.


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