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Where Can I Sell My Gold Sovereign?

British Cash

Selling gold sovereign is a great way to pocket some extra money before payday. Sell gold sovereign online to get the best deal.

Up until 1932, the United Kingdom used the gold standard form of currency. This meant money could be converted into gold, based on a fixed-rate price. This would decide how valuable the currency is. During the time of the gold standard, gold sovereign coins were used and exchanged for paper money.

Many of these sovereign coins are still in circulation between collectors, or preserved in unique pieces of jewellery. The coins depict various members of the royal family, some much rarer and valuable than others. For example, in 1939, Edward VIII abdicated from the throne, so the sovereign coins with his face never entered circulation, thus increasing their value dramatically. In 2014, a sovereign coin of Edward VIII sold for over £500,000. This is the most expensive one sold to date.

With eager buyers across the globe, it’s remarkably easy to sell gold sovereign if you have some. Unfortunately, not all of us have sovereign gold coins worth £500,000, but your coins could be worth a fair amount. Finding out the value of your sovereign gold is important, as you could be entitled to more than you ever expected when selling it. We’ll help you step by step with where you can sell gold sovereign.

Sell Gold Sovereign Coins Online

If you find yourself in the possession of a gold sovereign coin and don’t mind parting ways with it, you could be in for a handy cash boost.

The condition of the coin will affect its value, but most cash for gold companies will be happy to offer a price for your sovereign coins. It’s important to have the sovereign coin valued by an expert — somebody who can take their time to evaluate the coin.

The most efficient, hassle-free way to sell gold sovereign coins is online. This means the coin will be sent to an expert and valued thoroughly, before offering you a price. Sending the coins to a gold expert means they will be able to weigh the coin and look at the detail and condition to determine how much the coin is worth.

When the sovereign coins have been valued, you will be offered a price. If you choose not to accept the price, you can have your gold sovereign coins returned — Post My Gold will do this free of charge. That’s just one of the many benefits of selling gold for cash online.

Look at the detail on your coin and find which member of royalty is on there. Research beforehand to see how much the gold sovereign could be worth. Be aware that some fake sovereign coins have been produced, but once your coin is valued, you’ll be able to know if this is the case.

Finding a Reputable Cash for Gold Company

It’s particularly important when posting your gold sovereign to find a safe and reputable cash for gold company. Look for businesses which offer insurance on all valuables sent in the mail. You shouldn’t feel obliged to take the offer they propose, so look out for free returns on your gold and sovereign coins.

Post My Gold offer a trustworthy and efficient service when you sell sovereign coins. We pay for and insure your sovereign coins when sending them to us. If you’re not happy with the price, we will return them for free.

Want to sell gold sovereign? Post My Gold is a trusted, UK-based company that can value your sovereign coins and offer you a price-match guarantee. Pick up your FREE Gold pack or call 01753 693850 to find out how they can help you get cash for your gold.

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