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How to Sell Gold Coins for Cash with Minimal Effort

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If you happen to be a collector or someone who has inherited some rare coins, it’s worth knowing that there’s good money to be made by selling old gold coins. While this may be more niche when compared to selling jewellery online, by choosing the right method of sale, you can get a reasonable price for your coins with very little effort.

When it comes to selling precious metals such as gold and silver, you naturally assume that it would be in the form of jewellery. But there’s also decent money to be made if you sell old coins (sovereigns, Krugerrands, etc.). As these coins are very old — gold sovereigns were minted in 1817, for example — and in some cases very rare, they are worth much more than their face value.

In this post, we’ll advise you on the best way to sell gold coins that ensures the best possible price, without having to endure a lengthy or difficult sales process.

Selling to an Expert Ensures an Accurate Coin Valuation

Although old gold coins certainly have the potential to be sold for a lot of money, finding a buyer who is willing to pay a fair and accurate price can be more difficult than you would think. Selling to online marketplaces can prove to be challenging, as it’s incredibly competitive. There will always be someone willing to accept a lesser amount for a coin that’s identical to yours.
But selling to an expert such as Post My Gold is the best way to ensure the coin valuation you receive is accurate, both in regards to the current value of gold and its worth, based on the condition and date of mintage. If you want to sell gold coins for cash with minimal effort, all you have to do is request a FREE gold pack.

Our Process for Selling Old Gold Coins

Here at Post My Gold, we understand how difficult it can be to sell gold coins, jewellery, and other precious metal items for a fair return. It’s for this reason that our selling process is designed to make things quick, easy and as hassle-free as possible. We achieve this by providing a pre-paid envelope that’s fully insured by Royal Mail, and all you have to do is put your gold coins inside and post it. It couldn’t be easier!

Once we have received your coins, our experts will carry out a thorough appraisal to establish how much they’re worth, based on their current condition and mintage, as well as the pure gold content. The price we pay for gold coins and jewellery is determined by multiplying the current value of gold with the weight of the item.

If you want to get a basic idea of how much your gold coins are worth, you can use our Gold Value Calculator to give you an estimated value. But you can expect to receive more than the estimated amount if your gold coin is old, rare, or in very good condition.

If you’re someone who has amassed or inherited a collection of rare or old gold coins and has no interest in keeping them, now’s the time to cash in for a market-leading return. To sell gold coins to Post My Gold, there’s no complicated, lengthy sales process to go through. All you have to do is request your FREE gold pack and wait for a reasonable offer.

Do you have sovereigns, Krugerrands, American Eagles or any other gold coins sat in a drawer at home? Selling your unwanted gold coins to Post My Gold will not only provide you with a great financial return, but it also means you can do so while barely lifting a finger. Request your FREE gold pack today!

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