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Selling Jewellery: Where Should I Sell My Old Jewellery Online?


The internet has completely transformed the way we buy and sell items. Even specialist items like jewellery have embraced eCommerce. But when it comes to selling jewellery online, it’s essential to know where to go for the best deal.

Many of us have jewellery sat in a draw somewhere, we no longer have any use for. Whether it’s gone out of fashion, is an unwanted gift, or a memento from an ex you’d rather forget, selling jewellery is a great way to make some money and clear out some old stuff.

While selling your jewellery online gives you a vast array of buyers to choose from, it can be difficult and time-consuming finding a trusted buyer who pays top prices. Luckily for you, Post My Gold is here to offer some advice and point you in the right direction.

Why Not Just Sell Locally?

Some people consider jewellery to be a commodity that’s best sold in person, as the buyer can touch and have a closer look at exactly what they’re purchasing. It’s a sentiment we share, even as an online-based business.

The problem is that most methods of selling jewellery in person tend to be drawn out affairs that rarely get you the price you’re hoping for. By sending us your jewellery, it gives us the opportunity to gauge exactly what the item is worth and ensure you get the best price possible, normally within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said if you take your jewellery to a pawnbroker, that will see you only receiving a portion of the item’s actual worth. If you take your items to a jewellery shop, they’ll likely be able to value it for you, but you can never be sure if they’ll take it off your hands or not. It will depend on the condition of the item (missing stones, etc.) and whether or not they think they’ll be able to sell it on.

What About Online Marketplaces?

Online retail has completely revolutionised the business world. The evolution of marketplaces has made them an important part of everyday buying and selling. With that in mind, people see it as a no-brainer to sell their old jewellery via online marketplaces like eBay and Gumtree.

Although it may seem like the best course of action because of the sheer volume of people visiting these sites every day, as well as the global market available to you, selling your jewellery on these sites can be a hit-and-miss affair.

To be effective when selling jewellery on a marketplace, you need to give buyers an incentive to want your items, meaning you’ll need to provide high-quality images and detailed information about the jewellery’s condition. Without this, it’s unlikely you’ll get the price you’re looking for, especially since many people use these sites to find a bargain. You also may end up with an item that’s not what you expected or of lesser quality than described.

Sending it Away to Experts

Here at Post My Gold, we are experts in the art of buying and selling precious metals. Your jewellery will be appraised to make sure you get the best price for your gold possible. We also make the whole experience as quick and easy as possible; all you have to do is request a Free Gold Pack that includes a pre-paid, fully insured envelope. It takes all the risk out of the equation.

We aim to give you a top quote for your jewellery within 24 hours, which we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with. Our price match guarantee means that if you receive a better quote from another company, we’ll match it on the spot. If you’re unhappy with the quote or decide you no longer want to sell, we’ll return your items — completely free of charge.

Post My Gold provides you with a professional appraisal of your jewellery and precious metals, a user-friendly service, and a fair price for your jewellery. All the while, you avoid the issues that come with other methods of selling jewellery online.

If you have any unwanted jewellery lying around, don’t hesitate to send it over to our experts today! Our quick, easy and reliable service will give you the best price with a quick turnaround. Contact Post My Gold now for your free gold pack!

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