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March 5, 2017
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Can’t Afford a Spring Break? Consider Selling Your Jewellery

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The months following winter can be tough. Financial stresses, dark nights and dreary weather can all have an impact, so a trip away might just be the medicine you need. But what if you can’t afford one? Selling your jewellery could be the perfect solution.

The Christmas period is long gone, yet for most of us, the winter blues still remain. The first few months of any New Year are filled with nervousness over paying bills and long waits until payday; a hangover which, for some, can last well into April!

Many families and individuals get through this tough period by delving into their overdraft or budgeting hard, but we all deserve a treat now and again. If you’re wanting to get away and enjoy warmer climes while the rest of us endure what remains of winter (and we wouldn’t blame you!), have you ever considered selling your jewellery for some instant cash?

Selling your Jewellery, What Can You Sell?

You might think that a few bits of old jewellery lying around your house may not amount to much money, but you’d be pleasantly surprised! It’s not always the case that the more gold you sell, the more money you’ll make. While a couple of gold rings might get you a nice weekend in Paris, a single coin could net you a spring getaway further afield.

Your Broken Bits and Bobs

We’ve all been there. We get out an old necklace to find the chain is all tangled, or resign that pair of earrings with the broken backs to a box in the corner. While you may have no emotional connection to them, they’re simply too nice to throw in a bin. But even broken jewellery isn’t necessarily worthless. We’re happy to buy your gold regardless of its condition and we offer a price match guarantee, so you’ll always get the best offer when selling your jewellery.

Your Unloved Gold and Silver

If you have old jewellery that you haven’t worn in a while because you simply don’t like it anymore, this doesn’t mean no-one else will. If your jewellery is in great condition, we will actually give you more money for it. Not only will selling your jewellery get you more money to fund your latest trip, but your unloved gold and silver can then be sold on to someone who will treasure it.

Sell Your Sovereign and Krugerrand Coins

Gold coins are extremely collectable, but it can be difficult to find a collector yourself that’s willing to pay you a fair price. You’d also have to shell out extra cash on postage and insurance.

At Post My Gold, we’ll send you a free gold pack, so all you need to do is pack your unwanted coins (and don’t forget your old jewellery, too!) and we’ll send you a competitive quote within 24 hours — guaranteed. Krugerrand coins are a South African coin made of a gold and copper alloy. Sovereigns, on the other hand, are a British coin, bearing the image of the reigning monarch of the time. While sovereigns have a nominal value of £1, they are no longer used in day-to-day transactions and have a much higher value, due to their collectability and intrinsic gold value.

You may be sitting on a gold coin that’s worth a small fortune. By getting it valued by our experts, you’ll be one step closer to that perfect springtime holiday. If you would like an immediate estimate price for your gold, visit our gold value calculator here.

Get Your Old Jewellery Appraised by Our Experts

Of course, the only way to find out exactly how much your old jewellery is worth is to get it valued by the experts. At Post My Gold, our appraisers have years of industry experience, so they’ll be able to give you a competitive quote and tell you exactly how much your gold is worth, and why.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend trip away or a longer break, selling your old jewellery and gold is a perfect way of earning some extra money, especially during a time of the year which is typically tight on the old purse strings. Escape the winter blues with a handy cash bonus from Post My Gold!

Looking to escape the UK this Spring? Post My Gold makes selling your jewellery a hassle-free and quick process. Get in touch for your free gold pack today!

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