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June 29, 2017
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From Cash for Gold to User Testing: How to Make £50 in 1 Hour

cash for gold

Getting cash for gold and doing an online survey are just two ways you can make £50 in one hour or less!

Making money quickly isn’t always easy, but is often necessary. If your car breaks down or you forget it’s your brother’s birthday next weekend, you’ll suddenly need some cash to tide you over until payday.

There are many great ways to make extra money. Some forms of making extra cash are long-term, such as renting out a room on Airbnb or setting up a successful blog. However, short-term fixes such as getting cash for gold and jewellery, selling DVDs and selling your skills online all allow you to get cash almost instantly. You can even make £50 in just one hour. Don’t believe it? Check out how below!

User Testing Videos: £7.90 for 20 minutes

Websites want customers. How do they attract them? By having a top website design which is easy to navigate and clearly shows their service or product. Businesses will pay for people to test out their website and give their honest opinions about it.

Usertesting.com is one of the places to do this. Each website takes around 20 minutes to review and you’ll need a microphone to talk through your experience. The website pays $10 per video, so check the exchange rate to see how much it translates into pounds.

Cash Your Gold: £30 (or More!) for 10 minutes

Getting cash for gold is the best way to get some quick money for very little effort or loss. Not only that, but getting cash for gold has never been so simple now that you can sell gold online. With the scrap price of gold at an all-time high, old gold and jewellery can be worth a lot of money, so you could make a lot more than £30.

It takes a minimal amount of time to find an old necklace. The next step is to find a cash for gold website, enter your details and receive a free gold pack. This can take no more than 10 minutes. When the pack arrives, send off your gold for valuation and wait for an offer.

Online Surveys: £1.80 for 15 minutes

Online surveys are another quick way to get cash. While the amount you get paid varies for each survey, spending just 15 minutes can get you some extra money. Some websites offer cash, while others offer vouchers for shops.

Selling DVDs and CDs: £6.45 for 5 minutes

Selling CDs and DVDs is super simple, as the likes of MusicMagpie allow you to scan your old items on your phone and get offered a price instantly. With the rise of Netflix, there is no doubt that some of us have quite a large collection of DVDs collecting dust, so why not sell them on, clear some room and pocket some extra money?

Depending on how many items you have, scanning won’t take too long. Then, all you need to do is request for a courier to come and pick them up from your home.

Sell Your Skills on Fiverr: £3.95 for 10 minutes

The website Fiverr has taken off as a platform for people to sell their skills. The idea is that you can sell your skills for $5. The minimum amount you can charge is $5, but many people ask for more. Whatever skills you have, put your talent up on Fiverr. From designing a CV to casting love spells, you could make some money in no time at all!

Post My Gold can help you make money quickly. Send us your unwanted gold and jewellery and receive the payment within 24 hours of an offer being made. Call us now on 01753 693850 to receive your FREE gold pack.


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