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June 29, 2017
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This Teacher in India Got Cash for Gold…Guess What She Bought?

Teacher in india bought with cash for gold

Getting cash for gold is a great way to make some extra money. This school teacher in India did something unique with the money she received from selling her jewellery.

There are many reasons to cash your gold. We all love having that extra bit of money to last until payday or to add to our summer holiday savings. When you sell jewellery for cash, it’s surprising how much your gold item can be worth. Cashing it in is always worthwhile.

But, have you ever thought to cash your gold and give the money to somebody else? Or put the money towards a worthy cause? This is exactly what Annapurna Mohan did. Annapurna works as a school teacher in Tamil Nadu, a region in the south of India.

In the UK, our classrooms are bright and interactive. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in India, especially in more rural areas. Despite asking for funding for classroom and teaching resources, these needs and requests are not always granted. For this reason, Annapurna decided to take matters into her own hands. What did she do?

Sell Jewellery for Cash

In order to be the best possible teacher, Annapurna decided that she needed better resources for her classroom. What is the best way to get some extra money? By selling jewellery. She sold her own jewellery to pay for the resources she needed for her students. The money she received from selling jewellery enabled her to buy books, a digital smart board and new furniture.

Doing it herself allowed Annapurna to do it more efficiently, meaning she didn’t have to rely on anybody else. Although we don’t know exactly how much jewellery she sold and how much she received, it was enough to grab the attention of the digital media. She received a lot of interest and her generosity has made her famous up and down the country.

If you’re thinking about where to sell your gold, Post My Gold is an incredibly trustworthy and efficient option. We can give you the cash within 24 hours via bank transfer. Just like Annapurna, you can receive your money efficiently and don’t need to rely on anybody else.

Giving Your Cash For Gold to a Worthwhile Cause

This isn’t the first occasion somebody has sold gold or jewellery and given it to a worthy cause. The Salvation Army received a valuable krugerrand coin in the USA from a generous donator.

Although selling jewellery for yourself is an appealing prospect, donating the money you make is a great way to support a good cause. In the case of the teacher in India, she felt passionate about improving the education of her students and wanted to help.

How to Sell Your Gold for a Good Cause?

If you want to cash your gold and give it to a good cause, you can now do this easily and efficiently by selling gold online. If you want to donate some money to charity, post your gold (for free and with postal insurance) where it will be valued and a price offered. If you’re happy with the price, accept the offer and receive the money via bank transfer. You can then donate it to your favourite cause or charity.

If you feel apprehensive about selling gold online, contact us to find out why we’re the best place to sell gold. We want you to feel confident and safe every step of the way.

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