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February 5, 2018
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Cash Your Gold – How Much Gold is in These Items?

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If you’re looking to post gold for cash, you’re probably interested in finding scrap gold and calculating its price per gram. For a bit of fun, we’ve decided to let you in on how much gold is in these common (and not so common) items…

The world is full of gold — you just have to know where to look. If you’re thinking “I want cash for my gold”, you’ll need to know what items to keep an eye out for, and what items are surprisingly lacking in karats.

Below, we’ve listed a few items, some of which are common and some of which are extremely rare. We’ve done the legwork so you can find out exactly how much gold is in these items and how much your scrap gold will get you in terms of price per gram.

Current gold price of the average gold ring

If you have an old ring you’re looking to post for cash, you will want a rough idea of its value.

Of course, the amount of gold in your precious ring will vary dramatically, depending on carat and weight. For this reason, it’s always best to have your jewellery inspected by a professional, who will be able to properly determine your ring’s value. That’s where Post My Gold comes in! If you’d like to sell your old jewellery and you want an idea of its price, check out our simple and easy-to-use gold value calculator.

First, we need to take into account that the most common karat used in jewellery is 18 karats (which is 75% gold). Then, we need to consider that the average gold ring weighs about 10 grams. Using our scrap gold price per gram calculator, we can see that the average gold ring would net you £209.34.

Current gold price for an Olympic gold medal

Common sense would suggest that the coveted Olympic gold medal would be made entirely of gold — nothing less for our sporting champions. However, this is actually far from the case. If you happen to have an Olympic gold medal in your possession, you might just want to keep hold of it, rather than sending it in for scrap.

The Olympic medals date back to ancient Greece in 1896, and they symbolised the strength and endurance of the top athletes. Even back then, winners received a silver medal, with the second-place finisher receiving a bronze medal. This changed in 1904, when winners were given solid gold medals, albeit much smaller ones than before. The last Olympic medals to be made of solid gold were awarded in 1912, so in reality, they had a very short history indeed.

These days, Olympic gold medals are more silver than gold, with only a six-gram plating of gold covering a sterling silver base. Silver accounts for 92.5% of the medal, with the remainder being copper. This means that an Olympic gold medal is only 1% gold.

Today, an Olympic gold medal will only be worth roughly £454. You’d think that some Olympians would be annoyed at receiving such a small amount of gold! Thankfully, most of the athletes are deeply rewarded by a sense of taking part, struggling and overcoming obstacles.

An expensive medal is not essential, as the real value of the medal is in the experience. That’s something the victor will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives — probably a little more than a flashy new 12-karat necklace…

Current gold price of the average human body

Diane de Poitiers, mistress of French king Henry VII, reportedly drank liquid gold to keep herself looking young and glowing. Of course, thanks to modern medical knowledge, there aren’t many people who would indulge in this rather pricey habit today. But even if you don’t ingest gold, you might be surprised to hear that your body could be harbouring some regardless.

If you wanted to know the current gold price for a human being, look no further.

The human body is a complex thing, comprising many different elements — notably carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. What you might not know is that gold can also be found in the human body, though not in great quantities.

In the average adult weighing in at 70 kilograms, you might find 0.220 mg of gold. This much gold would form a tiny cube of roughly 0.22 mm on each side. The volume of this gold, in its purified form, would be 10 nanoliters. So although it certainly isn’t worth trying to cash the gold lurking inside your own body, you can take comfort in the amazing fact that you are made, in a very small amount, of a very precious metal.

Current gold price of… the whole world!

Have you ever wondered how much gold there is in the entire world? If you have, so have many others, and we have figures to satisfy your curiosity.

According to one of the world’s richest investors, Warren Buffett, the total amount of above-ground gold could fit into a cube with sides of only 20 metres, or 67 feet. It would weigh in at 171,300 tonnes. Of course, this is all subject to change, and the US Geological Survey estimates there is 52,000 tonnes of mineable gold remaining in the ground, just waiting to be discovered.

If you’re looking to offload unused gold chains, necklaces and rings, it’s never been easier to post your gold for cash. Get in touch with Post My Gold today on 01753 693850. You can also fill out our contact form and receive a FREE gold pack with a fully insured pre-paid envelope.

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