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Sell Jewellery for Cash: How to Spoil Yourself After a Divorce

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Breaking up is hard to do — but if you sell old jewellery and focus on ways to make your life better, it can ease the emotional burden of divorce.

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful time. Regardless of how prepared you are or confident that you are making the right decision, it is still common to feel grief, anger, frustration, stress and confusion. But, there are ways to help you move on and let go, and a great first step is to say goodbye to painful reminders of your past — including unused wedding rings.

Thankfully, it has never been so easy to sell jewellery for cash. Post My Gold allows you to sell your gold with free, fully insured postage at a price match guarantee. Our customers trust us, which is why we’re the UK’s number one cash for gold site.

So, before you do anything else, visit our gold value calculator to see the current gold price and find out how much money you’ll get in exchange for your gold rings. Then, it’s time to look for ideas on how to spend it in ways that will make you feel better, more optimistic and ready for your new life to begin…

Post gold for cash, then take a mini-holiday or a staycation

You’ve been through a tough time, so what better excuse do you need to take some time off? Depending on how much you get for your old jewellery, you could jet off to France or head to the Norfolk Broads for a classic Great British staycation. Even if you can only get away for a long weekend, you’d be surprised at the benefits of a three-day break. Once you return, you’ll be able to see your life in an entirely different light.

Indulge with a day at the spa

Once you post gold for cash, consider booking yourself into a local spa for a day of indulgence. Get a massage, have a facial, and relax in a jacuzzi. You’ll feel so revitalised and refreshed, you’ll feel your worries and concerns melting away — especially if you make a trip to the steam room.

Sell old jewellery, then buy yourself new jewellery!

Your old jewellery had a lot of meaning and memories associated with it. Your wedding ring was a symbol of lifelong commitment — not something you want a constant reminder of now that you’ve decided to draw a line under your old life.

It would be much better for your wellbeing to say goodbye to the ghosts of the past, sell old jewellery like wedding rings, and use the money to purchase jewellery that simply makes you happy. Choose something that makes you smile and you can’t imagine ever parting with and, all of a sudden, your ring finger won’t feel so bare.

Get yourself a new look

It’s actually a common trend for women to head to the hairdressers after a big breakup. psychologist Dr Patricia A Farrell says that your appearance can “hold the burden” of the person you once were and that changing your hair is a quick and easy way to make a shift. A new, dramatic haircut can help you move on mentally, as one drastic change can often make others feel more bearable. Also, it’s a great opportunity to look exactly the way you want, without having to worry about how you’ll appear to anyone else — a true sense of freedom.

Now you have the money, why not take a trip to your local hairdressers and get yourself a new look? Cut your hair off, dye it a foreign colour, or take a risk with an entirely different style.

Party with family and friends

Sometimes, all you need is the support of your friends and family to ease a painful transition. Rather than throwing a pity party and licking your wounds, get your money together and plan a party to remember. Buy your favourite treats and drinks, put together an inspirational playlist and, most importantly, invite your nearest and dearest. They’ll be happy to help you move on and you’ll be left with a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you still play a huge part in the lives of those around you.

Don’t hold onto old memories for a day longer. When you want to sell jewellery for cash, Post My Gold is here to help with the logistics, leaving you free to decide exactly how you’ll spend your money and how to write the next chapter of your life.

Check out the gold value calculator from Post My Gold to find out exactly how much you’ll get for your wedding ring. We use the current gold price from the London Bullion Market Association, the weight of your ring and the quality of the gold to arrive at the sum. You can then request a FREE gold pack from Post my Gold and wait for the money to come in!

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