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6 Unique Gold Items From Around the World

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While gold jewellery and coins are common, there are a few uncommon gold items which can be found around the world. Selling gold for cash is a great idea, but it would be hard to part with these items!

When most of us think of gold, we imagine beautiful jewellery or a rare krugerrand coin. Gold is special and valuable. This is why selling gold for cash is a sure way to make some extra money.

But, did you know that there is much more to gold than jewellery and coins? Around the world, gold has been crafted into many different objects — and as these objects are one of a kind, they are extremely valuable. Designer Stuart Hayes makes a living from creating gold items such as iPhones, laptops, watches and more.

While getting cash for gold has never been easier, some of these items might be difficult to send in the post. Check out these unique gold items from around the world. While some are expensive, others might be within your budget.

1. Gold Lamborghini

The most expensive gold item in the world is the golden Lamborghini. Setting you back over $7 million, any car lover can admire this golden delight. Unfortunately, the gold Lamborghini isn’t designed for the road. However, this is probably the safest option, as we’re sure it would turn a few heads while cruising down any road!

2. Gold Earphones

One of the least expensive options for gold lovers are the golden earphones. For less than $100 (when the sale is on), the golden earphones are the epitome of luxury. If you purchase them, you will also receive a leather carry pouch to keep them safe and protected — and, of course, a maintenance booklet.

3.Golden Loo

In the Guggenheim museum in New York, you can find a pure gold toilet. The toilet is fully functioning and can be found in the unisex toilets of the museum. Rather than simply being functional art, the artist, Maurizio Cattelan, wants the piece to highlight the inequality faced in the US and, indeed, across the world.
This isn’t the first gold toilet which has been unveiled to the world. In 2001, an entire gold bathroom was created in Hong Kong.

4. Gold Grill

Given the delightful weather in Australia, it’s no surprise that they love a good barbeque. Barbeque company BeefEater decided to build a unique gold barbeque for those really wanting to impress guests. For over $150,000, you can buy yourself a luxury gold barbeque for all of your summer parties. Unfortunately, if you want to re-sell it, this might be too big to post in order to get cash for gold!

5. Gold Cupcake

You may have never thought about eating gold, but you can do exactly that in Dubai. Edible gold is actually something you can enjoy with some delightful treats, such as cupcakes and strawberries. For £600, you can enjoy this rather extravagant cake. Of course, you’ll need to fly to Dubai first, but if you’re paying that sort of money to eat a golden cupcake, the cost of flights probably won’t bother you too much.

6. Gold Facial

For those in search of glowing skin, have you ever considered a gold facial? Yes, this is real. A number of salons offer this treatment and some celebrities have tried it out in London. If you fancy trying it yourself, you can have a go at home for about $50. The treatment is meant to rejuvenate skin and offer a brighter complexion. Unfortunately, you can’t get cash for gold by posting us your facial treatment!

Got Gold Jewellery? Sell Gold Online

It’s unlikely that any of us have a barbeque made of gold or any edible gold, but if you have jewellery or coins made of gold, they can be worth a lot of money. If you’d like to find out how much they could be worth and cash it in, you can sell gold online and receive the money in 24 hours via a safe bank transfer. If you post cash for gold regularly, you can save up for that gold Lamborghini!

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